Mini Portable Fan, Handheld Rechargeable Fan with Flashlight and Power bank Function, Rechargeable USB Long Battery, Bright Light

$34.97 $49.99


1. New upgraded version, long-endurance & more powerful wind

2· Super Cute and perfect size have long 46 hours battery 

3. Portable and foldable very convenient to handle

4. Multifunctional, shuts off automatically if touches something

5. Endurance monster among the portable fans

6. A single cell of 4800mAh

7. Very Light, doesn't feel cheap and can charge your phone at all times


1. Long Battery Endurance*(46hours 4800mah Version)

2. Mini Figure* ( size:43.5X41X120 mm, Weight:180 gram )

3. Power Bank Function (5V2A output on 4800mah version)

4. Work on 5Volt USB (5V2A fast charging on 4800mah version)

5. Rechargeable Design (battery included)

6. Easy to Rechargeable (power bank, laptop, and USB charger)

7. Unique Bright Flashlight*(50-60lm)8. Strong Airflow(2200 -3300 rpm)

Package Include:

Mini Fan, Micro USB Cable, User manual 

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