Mini Portable Food Clip Heat Sealing Machine Sealer Home Snack Bag Sealer

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Keep your snacks fresh with the Mini Portable Food Clip Heat Sealing Machine

To keep food fresh and flavorful, the Portable Sealer uses advanced micro-heating technology to quickly and efficiently seal bag dust. Keep everything fresh and dry, this portable seal is small enough to be held in one hand and you can hang it from a kitchen hook. It has a magnet at the bottom that can be attached to the refrigerator, and the mini-bag sealant is made of ABS. Ideal for food, kitchen, fishing, camping, travel, etc. Internal high temperature sealing head and sliding cover to ensure safe use, is a good helper at home.

Easy to use, handheld bag sealing machine does not need to be reheated, very convenient to use. When you press the lid, the high efficiency and low loss heating film reaches the healing temperature immediately, then simply slides along the edge of the bag to seal airtight.

With many functions, the sealing machine can seal a variety of thickness of ordinary packaging bags, such as storage bags, chip bags, snack bags, PP, PE, PVC bags, etc. But not suitable for pure paper bags, pure aluminum bags, of course, not including batteries.


Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

Material: Plastic


Customer Reviews

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Muriel Kemmer

It works perfectly. Very useful tool. Arrived on time.

King Thompson

It looks a little fragile but for the price I think q is fine. I still don't put any knobs on it but it's but q works

Emmet Schaden

Took couple of times but it does close the package, just make sure you don’t pull the package to the sides too hard or it will open

Vickie Hyatt

i got my percel very good condition thanks seller excellent

Alfonzo DuBuque

Delivery about 3 weeks of good opakovan product. Not Osche E изпробван, Additional shte оставя отзив at trial.

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