Tips to Keep Your Used Car in Tip-Top Condition

Check Oil Regularly
If there is one important job to do for your new pre-owned vehicle it is to provide a regular oil change. This routine maintenance especially in a used or older vehicle keeps its moving parts well-lubricated and prevents damage. It’s an easy job. When your car is cool and on a level flat surface, wipe the dipstick clean and then dip it all the way to get an accurate reading. If need be, add a quart of oil each time; too much and you’ll harm the engine. If you find that you need an oil change more frequently, bring it to our experts at DePaula to check for a malfunction.

Oil and air filter changes
Routine maintenance also involves changing the oil and air filters. If the oil drains out black and contains white flakes, the engine has a problem. Another sign of trouble are metal chunks in the drained oil. The problem can be resolved by draining the oil, replacing the filters, and refilling with synthetic oil. You will be able to get rid of any sludge in this way. Drain the oil after driving the car for a few minutes. Repeat this step several times until the oil drains clear. If the oil is still discolored, bring it to our DePaula mechanics for an in-depth evaluation.

Check the cooling system
Buying a used car from DePaula doesn't matter what time of year it is. Your car's cooling system is one of its most critical and crucial parts. Your used vehicle's performance and longevity will be determined by its health. Hoses that carry coolant in your car's engine wear and tear regardless of the season. Water pumps and heater hoses need to be replaced regularly, or your car will break down. When do they need to be replaced? A green liquid (antifreeze) will trickle out of the water pumps or you will see a fluid leaking under your vehicle.

Brake Bleeding
Bleed the brakes every two years to keep the calipers and other parts in good working order. Look to see if the fluid is clear and amber when you do the job. That indicates that the brake system is in good condition. If, however, the brake fluid is dark black with rubber pieces, replace the rubber brake lines and inspect the rotors.